Current Leadership for 2023-2024


Masha Bondarenko

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Fourth Year

Internal Vice President
Nicole Klatt

Molecular & Cell Biology

Second Year

External Vice President

Mikayla Bordador

Public Health + Music

Second Year


Humayd Zameer

Molecular & Cell Biology

Second Year

Academic Chair

Lavanya Gupta

Molecular & Cell Biology

Second Year

Publicity Chair

Isa Vivona

Molecular & Cell Biology + Public Health

Second Year

Technology Chair

Ronit Nath

Computer Science + Physics + Philosophy

Third Year

Upperclassman Representative

Violeta Ubadiah

Molecular & Cell Biology

Fourth Year

Underclassman Representative

Rableen Ghuman


First Year

Want to join the team?

Applications for board for the upcoming academic year typically go out early April, and elections closely follow afterwards. We encourage anyone to apply, and the main requirement is that you’ve been to one of our events/meetings before.

Past Leadership


President: Kevin Li
President: Joshua D’Amato
Vice President: Ronit Gupta
Secretary: Lillie Bui
Professional Development Chair: Masha Bondarenko
Treasurer: Isabella Jamieson Morris


President: Serey Nouth
Internal Vice President: Kevin Li
External Vice President: Ronit Gupta
Secretary: Lillie Bui
Outreach Chair: Joshua D’Amato
Treasurer: Isabella Jamieson Morris
Underclassman Representative: Masha Bondarenko
Underclassman Representative: Michael Verdolin
Webmaster: Xavier Tao



President: Helen Kang
Internal Vice President: Greg Devine
External Vice President: Alyssa Chang
Secretary: Luna Luo
Academic Chair: Yichen Zhu
Outreach Chair: Jasmine Larrick
Treasurer: Joshua Wu
Professional Development: Matthew Gold
Webmaster: Anthony Chavez